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The Ekalavya Chaudhuri Jadavpur University case’s report published in a Bengali language newspaper.
A report in a Bengali newspaper on the Ekalavya Chaudhuri matter. The headline: “No proof of harassment, attempt still made to penalize meritorious student”.

Even after a procedure lasting a year, not a shred of any actual evidence was found. This was stated as such by the relevant authorities. Yet, already while the procedure of the inquiry had been still ongoing, attempts were made to penalize the individual against whom allegations had been levelled. There were pre existing questions about that. But then, even despite the allegations being dismissed by the investigating body, the authority of the university attempted to foist even further penalization! There was a great deal of talk about ‘law’.

Well, it was the rule of law that ended such talking…

A Bakshi

Aspiring journo. Investigative by nature.

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